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If you are already a Locksmith then join the UK Locksmiths Association to gain more customers

Join the UK Locksmiths Association and get tremendous value for money.

What you get as a Member of the UK Locksmiths Association

  • UKLA ID card with secure anti tamper key design overlay
  • Data CD with the UKLA logo in different formats
  • Receive 2 vinyl van stickers of the UKLA logo.
  • Use of the Logo for any of your advertising, cards, headed paper etc.
  • 12 months FREE advertising in the UK Locksmiths Association directory.
  • Obtain work by an entry in the online UK Locksmiths Association directory.
  • Password and logon to the exclusive members pages on the website full of inside information
  • Free set of Dewalt Metal Extreme 2 Drill bits – RRP £30.00 (When paying while on course)
  • Free set of Mica Cards – RRP £6.00 (When paying while on course).
  • Option to purchase High quality UKLA corporate clothing Polo shirts / Sweatshirts / Jackets.
  • Give your business a better profile by being a “Trusted and Vetted” locksmith.

Why be a Member of the UK Locksmiths Association

  • Being a member of the UK Locksmiths Association gives your company a more professional profile that your company needs to be a success in business.
  • When in contact with external companies such as Letting Agents, Estate Agents, key cutters, Councils, Housing Associations, Builders Merchants, sub contractors etc. or even the every day customer it is important that they see you as someone they can trust. By being a member it gives them the confidence to trust you to get the job done efficiently and at a price that it is fair.
  • It gives the customer the confidence that you will be there when you say you will be there. Too many trades persons are not reliable enough the “Trusted and Vetted” on our logo tells them you are the person for the job
  • By having the UK Locksmiths Association “Trusted and Vetted” Logo you demonstrate someone who is at the top of your profession. The Logo can be on your business cards, headed paper, invoices, vehicle, flyers, shop front, any adverts and of course on your corporate clothing (which you can purchase through us).
  • The customer can have trust that if there are any problems they can contact the UKLA. By having the UKLA as a backup the customer knows they won’t be overpriced and if problems will occur as they can simply contact us.
  • All members are vetted with C.R.B. checks giving the customer extra peace of mind and the trust that goes with it.
  • We can mediate in the event of any problems at times a customer has felt they have been overcharged yet feel appeased when the Association point out contributing factors to fair charges.
  • Having a membership ID offers comfort to the client. After a home invasion or dealing with elderly / female clients putting customers at ease with the fact you are who you say you are can make a big difference.

UK Locksmiths Association Cost

The cost of a yearly membership to the UK Locksmiths Association is only £195.00 incl VAT with a yearly renewal of just £50.00 incl VAT! Alternatively Lifetime Membership is £500 incl VAT with no further renewal charges and includes free clothing (see below)!
Having the use of the logo is worth this small amount on its own let along all the additional extras that come with it.

You only need two jobs over the whole year to cover this investment so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Other big advertising companies would charge you over £1,000.00 to have just the advertising that we are offering.

UK Locksmiths Association LIFE MEMBERSHIP

By paying £500 (incl VAT) this will give you life time membership.  This means you will never need to pay for a renewal fee again and still have all the benefits that comes with the membership. You also receive a UKLA Gold card, standard ID card AND includes one free jacket, free polo and free sweatshirt!!


First impressions count.  By having the corporate clothing you immediately look the business.  Whether you like it or not you will be judged by your clothing and by wearing the UKLA clothing you will create the image that you need as well as making the right impression.

The clothing is made from the top quality Fruit of the Loom brand and we have Sweatshirts and Polo shirts in all sizes.

Our clothing is embroidered on the left side of the chest leaving space on the right to add your own company logo on the right is you so wish.

UK Locksmiths membership

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