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Locksmith Courses and Training that run over 2, 3 or 4 days. Here is what you can expect from these locksmith courses.

Locksmith Courses


Our Locksmith courses run over 2, 3 or 4 days.  They are intensive and the training is one on one with no written work.  The locksmith course cover the everyday life of a mobile Locksmith.
The locksmith courses will be extremely beneficial for anyone setting up as a mobile Locksmith, thinking of setting up in business, trying to get into a Locksmith company or just interested in the subject of Locksmithing and would like to know what it’s all about.

There is NO written work whatsoever. It is completely hands on as this is the best way that you will learn. You can take notes if you wish but course notes are supplied upon completion in your closing pack. We are great believers in that you will only learn something if you do it yourself. There is no point in our tutors covering a subject and then moving onto the next without the student actually completing the subject themselves.

Our locksmith courses have a limit of 4 students so that you have maximum attention from the two tutors.

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Locksmith courses start every Monday on a weekly basis from 08:30 hours to 16:00 hours. However the tutors will stay longer until the student is satisfied that he / she understands what has been covered and is 100% confident.


The 2 day locksmith courses runs from Monday – Tuesday. Price ONLY £695.00 including VAT

The 3 day locksmith courses runs from Monday – Wednesday. Price ONLY £895.00 including VAT 

The 4 day locksmith courses run from Monday – Thursday. This is the 3 day course plus the 1 day UPVC advanced mechanism course. If buying with the 3 day course you get the 4 day at just an extra £100 at a total of  £995 including VAT.

You are more than welcome to come and visit our training centre at an arranged time before booking. This gives you the option of checking us out and seeing for yourself how good the training is before you actually pay. There is no obligation to pay anything for this option.


The 2 day locksmith courses covers the following (run on Monday – Tuesday)

– Stripping and re-assembling locks – Rim cylinder lock picking – Mortice lock picking – British Standard Insurance approved lock opening – UPVC lock opening and mechanisms – Many lock opening tools used incl letterbox kit, cards, electric pick gun plus more – Rim cylinder lock fitting – Euro cylinder lock fitting – Mortice lock fitting

– Key cutting – Advice on how to set up your own mobile locksmith business – ONGOING FREE 24/7 helpline – Food and refreshments available throughout the day for FREE – Course notes and information pack for everything that has been covered. – Comprehensive full colour drill point template manual – A list of companies who can supply you with sub contracting work – Advice on how to get private work – A list of Locksmith tool and stock suppliers with application forms supplied – Be a member of the UK Locksmiths Association – FREE advertising with the UK Locksmiths Association – Exclusive discounts for ALL students purchasing tools.

Our 3 day locksmith courses covers the following (run on Monday – Wednesday)

If you decide to take the three day course you will have already completed the first two days which is mentioned above.

Day three is dedicated to gaining access and picking open Insurance Approved mortice locks (like Chubb locks). You will be fitting numerous locks, drilling through the locks and picking them open using various techniques.

You will fit a Yale Nightlatch from scratch.

You will be keeping all the locks, drill bits as well as the wood that the lock has been fitted into to. This enables you to carry on practicing once you have completed the course. This will be a major asset for confidence building and heightening your skills.

The extra lock fitting will bring you up to speed for when you are out working.

The extra 1 day UPVC advanced mechanism course (run on a Thursday. This can be added to the 3 day course)


This day covers the extensive range of UPVC mechanisms, the correct way to identify them and how to gain access to failed mechanisms.

You will also be covering UPVC handles, setting up a keyed alike pin cylinder lock systems, Toeing and heeling, Tubular lock picking as well as using three more advanced lock snapping tools.

Another certificate is supplied on this course.

You can do the 3 day courses and add this extra 1 day course or you can come back and do this 1 day course at a later date if you wish to.


We are your one-stop Locksmith company. You can join the UKLA without any fuss, purchase tools and stock immediately or whenever you feel ready. We have an excellent 24 hour 7 days a week helpline service which is excellent back up for you and your company.

You do not have to take any exams or complete any more unnecessary courses after completing the one course with us thus saving you a lot of money for which you can spend on other sides of your business.

On completion of the course not only will you be ready to start immediately but you are also awarded the recognised certificate which enables you to purchase ALL Locksmith tools and stock from suppliers all over the UK. You will be given locks from us so you can practice once you have finished the course.
We can also supply you with Locksmith tools and stock IMMEDIATELY at trade price so that you can practice right away.

We sell a huge range and amount of key cutting machines cheaper than anywhere else in the country. We give guarantees and next day free delivery.

Our training centre is purpose built for Locksmith courses. Everything has been perfectly designed for optimum training.

We have all the tools and safety equipment so you will not be asked to bring anything. We have two tutors who give maximum attention and have a world of patience so you are really getting value for money. Once you have completed the course you will view this as an investment rather than an expense. You’ll earn this back within 3 to 6 quick jobs.

You’ll be surprised on how much you can learn in two – three days! And as mentioned earlier we have an ONGOING FREE helpline so if you have any questions then we’re only a phone call or e-mail away. It doesn’t matter what the questions are, we are here to help.

There is a lot of work out there for Locksmiths. Wherever you are there are millions of people near you in your city, town or village. Everyone of those people has AT LEAST one key that they can lose, leave in their house or break in their lock. This means a quick, easy and profitable lockout situation for you.
For example there is 7.5 million people living in London with each person owning an average of 3 keys. That’s a possibility of 22.5 million keys / locks that will need to be dealt with at some stage.

Locksmithing isn’t just about people getting locked out. You can supply and fit lock swap overs, additional locks, lock upgrades, repair locks, arrange keyed alike services (one key fits all locks) plus so much more. With Security being a major issue the public are beginning to add security to their homes and offices. Garages have become a major issue lately and we show you what is available to fit at the moment.


The certificate that you receive upon completion of the locksmith course is recognised by all the Locksmith suppliers throughout the UK. This is required in order to purchase your lock picking / opening tools as well as your stock. You receive comprehensive notes at the end of the course that gives you a breakdown of what to buy especially if you are on a budget.


Locksmithing is a very well paid occupation. Depending on what area you are in you could charge anything from £50-95 per hour labour + parts and materials. If you decided to attend a late call out (often an emergency) then you’ll be getting double or treble depending on the circumstances.

This is of course totally up to you on how you run your pricing but we do discuss costings and prices on the locksmith course. When you have such little overheads (normally just a van, tools, stock and phone) you can see how profitable it is to be a Locksmith. We have taught students who are now earning over £60k pa.


We supply you with a list of companies who will supply you with sub-contract work as well as advice on how to get private work.

We supply you with a detailed full colour drill point manual. This is required if you are drilling out a mortice lock (like a Chubb lock). The manual is a massive help in these situations as we have colour pictures of the locks, where to drill and also a picture of the mechanisms behind it so you can easily bypass it.

Unlike some other courses this is included in the price. You will be using the key cutting machine so you will see how easy it is to cut keys. This is an extremely profitable part of the business. Some mortice (like a Chubb) key blanks costs under 60p and you could charge between £5.00 – £12.00. Cylinder (like a Yale) key blank costs 10p and you can charge between £3.00 – £9.00. Not bad for two minutes work.

We receive excellent feedback from students who have attended our course and we personally guarantee you will not leave disappointed.


  • You can book the 2 day course and then carry onto the third day if you wish and also carry on for the 4 day course.
  • You can complete the course without having to become a UKLA member but you always have that option open to you.
  • On completion of the course you will receive a recognised certificate as well as another for the 1 day Advanced UPVC mechanism course.
  • Refreshments are included during the course hours at no extra charge.
  • You can complete the course and then become a UKLA member immediately afterwards or whenever you feel ready.
  • You can pay to be a member of the UKLA now prior to taking the course and once you have completed the course successfully you will be put onto the UK Locksmiths Association business directory on our website so you can get work
  • We must have received your Data Protection Form, membership form and two passport photos in order for membership to become a member.
  • On becoming a UKLA member you will receive 12 months free advertising on the website along with other benefits. A yearly subscription of £175 incl. VAT.
  • On completion of the course and to gain valuable work experience you have the option of spending day(s) out with the “Master Locksmiths & Security Services” doing Locksmithing work. They are mobile locksmiths. You will be charged £50.00 per day for this privilege. This option can only be an option once you have completed the course.
  • You can purchase tools and stock from us on the day if you wish at discounted prices.
  • You can purchase the “UKLA starter pack” which consists of the most popular locks on the market.


The 2 DAY locksmith course costs only £695.00 including VAT, which includes full training, 24/7 helpline, certificate, drill point manual, course notes, lock supplies and refreshments.

The 3 DAY locksmith course costs £895.00 including VAT, which includes full training, 24/7 helpline, certificate, drill point manual, course notes, lock supplies, all locks and materials used on third day and refreshments throughout the 3 days.

The 4 day locksmith course – Get the 4th day at just £100 when booking along with the 3 day course giving a total of just £995 including VAT.  which includes full training, 24/7 helpline, certificate, drill point manual, course notes, lock supplies, all locks and materials used on third day, and refreshments throughout the 4 days.

We accept all credit and debit cards (over the phone), BACS, cheques and cash.

Cheques must be payable to “UK Locksmiths Association LTD” with ten working days notice

If you’re still not convinced that we are the best then please ring us on 020 8590 7111.


(Rear of) 75 Lechmere Avenue, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8QG

OFFICE ADDRESS (for payments and paperwork only)

75a Lechmere Avenue, Woodford Green, Essex, IG8 8QG

Your questions answered in our frequently asked questions (FAQs) section. Please read our policy for the courses.


OR PHONE ON 020 8590 7111

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