Locksmith Training Courses

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Locksmith Training

Become a Locksmith on our intensive two day and three day Locksmithing courses which start every Monday.

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Become a member of the “Trusted and Vetted” UK Locksmiths Association

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Are you looking for a Locksmith in your area? Search our database for a UKLA Qualified 24 hour Local Emergency Locksmith.

Locksmith Training Courses
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UKLA Locksmith Training Courses


We have temporarily reduced the cost of our 3 day Locksmiths training courses. THE 2 DAY COURSE IS NOW ONLY £595.00 (INCL VAT) THE 3 DAY COURSE REDUCED FROM £895.00 (INCL VAT) TO £695 (INCL VAT) FOR A LIMITED PERIOD ONLY

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TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS AMAZING OFFER on our Locksmith training courses while it lasts.

Get started in a new and lucrative career as a Locksmith by taking one of our Locksmith training courses. Phone 020 8590 7111 and get directly through to us without any delays. Book one of our highly acclaimed Locksmith training courses that start every Monday.

There is NO written work whatsoever. It is completely hands on. You can take notes if you wish but course notes are supplied upon completion in your closing pack along with 24/7 helplines.

The UKLA offer complete 2 and 3 day Locksmith training courses which have 1-2-1 tuition from our experienced tutors.  Full accreditation and certification from the UKLA once the Locksmith training course is complete.

The course is fully hands on with all documents, manuals and helplines supplied in the course packs. Visit our courses page for more information about our Locksmith training courses  details.

These Locksmith training courses will be extremely beneficial for person(s) just setting up as a mobile Locksmith, thinking of setting up in business, trying to get into a Locksmith company or just interested in the subject of Locksmithing and would like to know what it’s all about.

If you are already qualified then join our UKLA Locksmith Association with member benefits that can help promote your business.


Locksmith Training Courses

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