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UK Locksmiths Association primarily run Locksmith training courses for people who wish to get into this lucrative business.

About The UK Locksmiths Association LOCKSMITH COURSES

We are the UK Locksmiths Association and we primarily run Locksmith training courses for people who wish to get into this lucrative business.

In addition to this we hold a UK wide searchable database of qualified, DB checked and trusted locksmiths.  If you are a fully trained locksmith and if you qualify you can become a member of the UK Locksmith Association see here for more info

The UKLA was launched by existing Locksmiths Adam Jackson and Chris Talbot to address the issue of the industry having no governing body. The two of them continue to successfully own and run the company.

Whether it be complete beginners or a more experienced Locksmith who needs a refresher course the UK Locksmiths Association are here to help.

With no formal government recognised qualification in existence in our trade (i.e. gas safe for gas work) there was in, some areas, a serious skill shortage and no way for the consumer to distinguish between the professional or the less so.

The UK Locksmiths Association was set up to help the consumer but by doing so also identified the issue of the varying levels of Locksmith training on the market.

When people were having to be turned down as members as their knowledge or skill base was not high enough, they were left frustrated by the lack of professional training around.

The UK Locksmiths Association are long established and have produced many Locksmiths nationwide as well as having trainees come from abroad to attend our course.

The UKLA training course has the benefit of being an intensive training course meaning that after just one course you are ready to start trading (we do not insist on multiple expensive training courses learning one subject at a time).

We teach with up to date tools and equipment utilising the newest techniques despite the expense to ourselves of constantly renewing our teaching tools. We can show you the latest tools on the market knowing that your skills are up to date.

We have a proven track record with our teaching techniques and will never try to teach from a DVD!!

On completion of the UKLA course you will be granted the UK Locksmith Association Certification. This is completely recognisable globally.

There is no Locksmith certification or qualification higher or better than ours at the UK Locksmiths Association.

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