Makita MXT8444D Battery Drills for sale

July 1, 2014 by Adam Jackson

We are selling a couple of our used Makita MXT 8444D 18v battery drills along with the case, charger and a battery.  Just £100 inc VAT (plus carriage if required)

They were £275 when new

Wendt Power Cracker Puller and Snapper

May 13, 2014 by Adam Jackson

This tool is perfect to pull Euro cylinder plugs out.  It can also be used as an adjustable quicksnap.  Supplied with 40 screws.

Duffells sell for £236 inc VAT.  WE ARE SELLING TO UKLA MEMBERS FOR JUST £180 INC VAT AND DELIVERY, saving you £56!

We are using this tool on our advanced courses and we love it.

March 13, 2014 by Admin
March 13, 2014 by Admin

Tools for sale via a member

February 6, 2014 by Adam Jackson

We have some tools for sale via one of our members, Mike Bates.

Please contact Mike directly as we are not involved with the sale.

Silca Delta Semi auto matic key cutting machine
SKS Hurricane laser and dimple key cutting machine
Silca RW2 transponder id and copying machine
Unikey Mk2 car opening kit
2x Air wedges
3 sets of VAG car lock jigglers
Lockmasters high security flick pick
Letterbox tool
Astra carboot opening tool
Carlton carboot opening tool
15 x various transponder chips
2 x Rover keyfobs
346 assorted car keys (ordinary and transponders)
Total price £2200 for all of the above (no offers and will not split) Please email me at


New Locksmith Career

November 26, 2013 by Admin
Russell Maslen now runs a successful locksmith’s business

Russell Maslen now runs a successful locksmith’s business

If you are looking to start in a new career in Locksmithing here is a recent article that was featured in the Daily Mail that might be of interest to you.

It was written by Sarah Harris

RUSSELL MASLEN retrained as a locksmith after the brewery he worked at for over a decade closed down. The 42-year-old from Reading, Berkshire, enrolled on a course with the UK Locksmiths Association three years ago and launched his own business, Jak In The Locks.

Mr Maslen, who worked on the production line at the brewery in West London, says: ‘My employers gave us all funds to retrain, which was really good of them.

‘I took the locksmiths’ course and really loved it. I still get a lot of support from the UK Locksmiths association. I know they’ll always pick up the phone if I need them.

‘Being my own boss is great, and I wish I’d known the advantages of being self- employed a long time ago. You work when you want and decide your own hours.’

Mr Maslen, who is married to Vicki, 41, and has two daughters, Hannah, seven and Gabrielle, ten, says: ‘This job gives me time to spend with the children, like take them to school. at the brewery I did 12-hour shifts and had already left for work before they got up, and they were in bed by the time I got home. When I was doing nights, I was asleep during the day, so I hardly saw them.’

He adds: ‘I’m a puzzle man and like crosswords and word searches, and to me, being a locksmith is like solving a puzzle. You have to work out what you’re going to do and how something works.’

Locksmith recruits must be practical and personable and — above all — honest, because they will need to command the public’s trust.

The UK Locksmiths Association two-day Locksmith Course covers the essentials needed to set up as a mobile locksmith, including rim cylinder and mortice lock picking and fitting,key cutting,  garage locks and window locks, as well as advice in starting a business. a third day will provide those taking the course with further in-depth information.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of providers across the country enabling people to learn skilled trades in other areas including decorating and plastering.

New Career Skills has trained over 7,500 students who have changed their lives after enrolling on courses to become plumbers, electricians and home energy advisers.


Drill bit offer

November 25, 2013 by Adam Jackson

We have an offer for all you UKLA members on a new type of drill bits.  We have tested them out and they are similar to the Dewalt Metal Extreme 2 bits that are used for drilling out cylinders.  We would not recommend them for drilling out anti-drill plates on Mortice locks so just another alternative for drilling out Cylinders.


The Offer:


1. The ad – which is 20% off any purchase when code TRADE20 is entered in the ‘coupon’ section at checkout


2. We will give a free tub of CUT-IT (value £12.50 trade price) to any UKLA member who spend £50 or more between now and Jan 31st 2014 (they will need to highlight in the checkout comments box that they are a member of UKLA)



2nd hand key cutting machine for sale

October 1, 2013 by Adam Jackson

We have a near perfect SKS Tempest 007A key cutting machine for sale with an unused Cylinder cutter.  Has both cutters, all parts and instructions included, boxed and ready to go.

Price is £320 inc VAT (plus delivery if applicable).  RRP is £440.

New website / Members area

September 18, 2013 by Adam Jackson

As you can see we have a new website that we have been working on for some time now.  We hope you like it.

We are updating the members pages which includes every members profile to include not just the county you are trading in but also the town / village.  This makes it easier for  potential customers to find their local locksmith rather than phoning around all the members in the County.

We are in the process of adding your picture, this is time consuming but we hope to have it done soon enough.

Thanks again for your support

New Sub contractor

August 12, 2013 by Admin

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